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       Shanghai Dongyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd, founded in 1988, located in Nanhui District of Shanghai Zhuqiao Village (East Sea), the current production plant area of over 5,000 square meters, more than 100 professional and technical staff.
      This is a use of plastic molding, such as special thermoplastic molding process, mold is not in use, or use low-cost mode of the circumstances (the injection mold from 5 to 20 per cent) and produce various kinds of plastic products and the use of the processing of CNC machine tools The professional category precision components manufacturers.
      Over the years our company's commitment to technology innovation and improve, not only with manual vacuum plastic molding and bonding process of combining the ability to produce plastic chassis, and has been training with the one from the CAM modeling, CAN NC manufacturing And rapid prototyping, tooling to develop low-cost high-tech special technical personnel.
      After years of development efforts, the company's equipment more complete, from simple plastic machine developed to have multiple CNC machining centers, air pressure machine, thermoplastic injection molding machines and low-voltage (RIM), and other professional equipment. Products from a single plastic products to expand into fast-forming, Thermoforming, RIM low pressure injection molding, precision machining and die manufacturing, and other multi-process. The company's products are widely used in medical imaging equipment (B-chao, CT machines, radiation equipment), biochemical equipment, dental equipment, laser equipment, beauty equipment, and other finishing equipment and plastic parts of the structure.
I was the Secretary for 2004 through the ISO9001 quality system certification, through our technical team long-term practice, explore and forge ahead to the tireless efforts of the broad masses of workers, with high-tech equipment and high-tech armed, so that my company's products really high-quality, low price .
      Enterprises in good faith for the purpose of customer service and strive to adapt to changing customer needs updating, the courage to overcome the technical difficulties and striving for industry pioneers, to higher quality and better services to customers feedback.
Yuanyuguangtai company clients, friends, work side by side, create brilliant.
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